Ohana Pictures


We are Ohana Pictures. We are full of passion creative young people that will never stop looking for beautiful moments.
We focus on couple & their family, mainly their expressions. We think that's the power of photos we take.

We love to see their smile, their laugh, & that's why we keep joking during the day just to make sure our clients comfortable with us.

Wedding Day


  • Wedding day photo and video
  • Two Photographers
  • Two Videographers
  • Cinematic Editing
  • Album 20x30 cm, 40 Pages
  • Same-day video editing

Pre Wedding


  • One Photographer
  • Album 20x30 cm, 20 Pages
  • Canvas ram 50x75 cm
  • Three Gowns
  • One Make Up Artist
  • Studio
  • Outdoor - Indoor